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  1. Domes International DOMES INTERNATIONAL   This company specializes in the manufacture of composite fiberglass dome homes. These are quite nice and used for disaster relief to school rooms to personal dome homes.

    ►Our fiberglass dome home is a product of almost 27 years of research, development, testing and building. Constructed of molded fiberglass with permanent colors, the dome never needs painting and requires little or no outside maintenance, with the exception of an occasional washing to keep it like new. Domes International, Inc. now introduces new flat-panel building design. The designs were developed for use as prefabricated, panelized housing and schools. The structural, insulated panels that form the exterior walls and roof are made from polymer laminates designed to resist the environmental conditions found in places similar to Central West Africa. This panelized system allows for maximum flexibility and durability while also providing an economical solution that is simple to construct.◄
  2. Igloo Satellite Cabin IGLOO SATELLITE CABIN   This is the only way to go in my opinion. Live anywhere you choose or anywhere you can place this neat little cabin.

    ►The Igloo Satellite Cabin is designed to provide safe, reliable accommodation in remote areas. It has been used for over 25 years in conditions ranging from the tropics to polar icecaps. Units can be flown by helicopter fully assembled, and often fully equipped, to locations inaccessible by road transport. Igloos are ideal short-term accommodation for exploration and research, as well as an attractive alternative for eco-tourism. The basic Igloo Satellite Cabin (3m diameter and 2.1m high) is a pre-fabricated, insulated, fiberglass cabin made from 8 wall panels and 4 self-supporting floor panels. The whole Igloo is bolted together and secured to the ground by 8 wire tie-down lines attached to tent pegs or similar depending on the terrain. Four of these tie-down lines also act as lifting strops to attach to a helicopter.◄
  3. Monolithic Dome CabinMONOLITHIC CABIN   If you are interested in the Airform system of dome construction then this incredible site is for you. Based in Italy, Texas this outfit is really putting together some very useful ideas for human habitation. You can visit their website and see how the rubber bladder is inflated to provide a form on which to coat some kind of cement mixture. You can even use their system to build small cabins like the one pictured on the right.

    ►The Monolithic Dome is a super-insulated, steel reinforced concrete structure used for homes, cabins, schools, gymnasiums, bulk storage facilities, churches, offices, and many other uses.◄
  4. Safe Harbor Domes SAFE HARBOR DOME PROJECT   For those of you interested in using a modern "airform system" to build a dome home - this site is for you. This website is a good documentary on building an airform home using modern materials. It has been updated regularly. They offer a consultation service by calling: 772-486-4555. The airform system uses a large bladder made out of rubber or some other flexible material which is inflated with a large high powered air blower. The inflated form is then sprayed with shotcrete or some other similar stucco type material which is allowed to dry and furnish a base for completion of a dome home.
  5. World Flower WORLDFLOWER GARDEN DOMES   They sell their own patented construction connector system. The Garden Dome shown at the bottom of this page is one of their products. "We make the best low cost do-it-yourself geodesic dome frames". I like this site. They have tons of pictures and information on almost every aspect of dome building. I guess they sell connector kits and what you do is go to your local lumberyard and purchase wood strut material (like 2x4's or 2x2's) and cover the completed frame however you want.

    ►Geodesic Domes are inspired by the late Design Scientist R. Buckminster Fuller. Our name represents the world flowering with Geodesic Domes, an unfolding of function, form and creativity. Inside these web pages you will find a catalog of products we sell, lots of photos, drawings and illustrations. We hope you find these pages an informative resource for building your own Geodesic Dome using our unique Patented construction connector system.◄
  6. Kit Domes KIT DOMES   Home of Faze Change Produx. Creators of ten-sided Econ-O-Dome. Precision double compound miter-cut dome home building kits. Also ten-sided DecaHome round home building kits. Lots of good info here. They also have another Domain Name called: which points to this site.

    ►Dome Home Kits for Building Domes and Round Homes since 1982. Sturdy and aerodynamic EconOdome kit built structures are Earthquake, Storm and Hurricane Safer Round Homes. Precision Cut Kit Round Homes have Ten Equal Sides. Ten-Equal-Sided Foundation and Floor is Easier to Build. New Dome Home Kit Design includes vertical framing at perimeter for Conventional Doors, Windows, & Skylights. Optional riser walls at perimeter may be constructed on-site. Interior has many 90 degree corners to fit beds, cabinets, showers, etc . . . Durable cement composite exterior is fireproof and easy to seal. Extensions and hard to install shingles are not needed with this design. The exterior is covered and sealed while you stand on dome framework. Now, You Can Easily Build an Energy Efficient, Low Cost, Storm Safer Round Home With a Dome Home Kit + Detailed Plans and Instructions!◄
  7. TMEN Stackwood Dome THE BUILDING OF MOTHER'S STACKWOOD DOME   Even though this dome structure is not completely made using stackwood, i guess a good portion of it is. It would be interesting if a person could figure out a way to safely build the entire arch using stackwood. Maybe for starters a person could safely design a smaller version of the dome shelter. Here's the link to the updated article "Update: Mother's Stackwood Dome".

    ►You may not need an entire 44-foot-diameter, 21-foot-high, geodesic-dome-fronted, wood-wall-backed solar greenhouse like the one that now graces MOTHER's Ecological Research Center . . . But-if you're looking for an inexpensive way to construct a solid, well-insulated, dome-shaped structure-the stackwood building method illustrated here is certainly a quick (and easy) one. In MOTHER NO. 62 (page 33), we told you how-when stackwood expert Jack Henstridge set out to experiment with the low-cost construction technique as a part of last summer's Earth-Sheltered Homes seminar—a whole crowd of folks pitched in, barn raising style, to help create what is (to the best of our knowledge) the world's first stackwood dome. Needless to say, since our project was a "first", we did a lot of learning as we went along, and there are things that we'll do a little differently when we build our next structure of this type. But we'd still like to tell you how an untested idea (with the help of MOTHER's wonderful summer visitors) became a reality.
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