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  1. Lincoln School Dome LINCOLN GEODESIC DOME   This dome appears to have been sheathed with some sort of translucent plastic material. But it is a very nice looking structure. I wished they had mentioned about the neat hub connectors used and what kind of sheathing they used to finish the outside.

    ►The Geodesic Dome was built by Lincoln's 2006/2007 Blue 8 team the spring of 2007. Students applied physical science and engineering technology concepts to construct the 850 square foot geodesic dome. The dome's exterior structure was completed the fall of 2007 by Mr. Fournier and Mrs. Driscoll with the help of student, teacher, and community volunteers over the summer and afterschool in the fall.◄
  2. starplate eco-cabin RAGNAR'S ECO-CABIN   For those of you interested in using the "Starplate" connector system - this is probably the premier place to go to get good information. The website has been up for a long time and he has updated it recently. Very interesting presentation with lots of good pictures.

    ►Welcome to the Eco-Cabin website. Way back in the 70's Mom found a little advertisement for a book about this small cabin that can be built by two people. Well mom wanted this cabin for twenty-five years. About a year earlier she got holes dug and posts sunk to support the cabin. They sat there for a while but like most projects the first cut is always the hardest part of it all. While I was there in May 2001 to build the pump and utilities building (PUB), a building to cover the pump and hold a bunch of gardening tools. At one point waiting for a delivery of lumber I took the saw over to the posts of the eco-cabin foundation and cut them all to the marks and they all came out fine :o). In April 2001 we started to build an Eco-Cabin. So this site will document our progress in construction, our experiences learned from the construction and some suggestions if you'd like to build your own Eco-Cabin.◄
  3. Easy Domes EASY DOMES   You've seen one dome home - you've seen 'em all. That's why i put the picture of the unfinished "Easy Dome" on the right. This dome package produces a nice looking dome in the easiest possible way.

    ►The Easy Domes concept sets up for advantages in a very quick and easy assembling and raising of the building and its finish. On a concrete or timber basic it takes one day to raise and seal the construction which is made of quality plywood and 3x4in to 3x6in timber in pinewood. All sections are pre-made and ready to assemble with bolts and nuts and the sealing of the edges with asphalt paper or rubber. The climate shelter and finish out - and inside are also precut plates / sections ready for mounting. Floor, partition walls and windows and doors are offered as the house by this becomes ready for kitchen, bathroom, furniture, lamps and other installations done by the dome owner. The Easy Domes products are certified and of high quality and precision made materials fulfilling international building rules and standards. Transport is easy in container and no crane is needed to erect buildings until the 50 SF domes.◄
  4. Albata Geodesics ALBATA GEODESICS  This company based in Jemison, Alabama i like from what i see on their website. I like companies that give you small construction options for the person who just wants a small place to live or work. These dome kits could be used for home office or studio space in the back yard. These are all prefab wooden dome kits. They go as small as 190 SF.

    ►The Albata Geodesic dome is ideal for the experienced "Do-It-Yourselfer". Only basic carpentry skills are required to assemble the basic kit. Everything is precision cut and color coded for ease of assembly, and comes with complete blueprints and instructions. Only regular carpentry tools are needed, (we furnish a list of what you will need) and our complete instructions make it a very rewarding and enjoyable experience. We do all the hard stuff, so you reap the benefits. Once the kit is assembled, everything else is standard construction.◄
  5. Cheap Shelter Dome EMERGENCY SHELTER CARDBOARD DOME   An illustrated step by step instruction on building your own cardboard dome.

    ►Cheap Shelter! To make this emergency shelter dome, you are going to make two patterns, then reproduce them 5 times. They are easy to make.

    Cardboard is free, but I have not found a way to waterproof it sufficiently (But, It Burns!). These shelter domes were conceived to help the homeless and refugees. I have tried a variety of methods for waterproofing and fire retardation, without great success. The upside is, you can decorate them any way you want! First you need to know how to draw a proper triangle, of course, if you have had drafting 101- you can skip this part.◄
  6. Monolithic Dome MONOLITHIC DOME INSTITUTE   This site is extremely good if you are interested in the airform method of dome building. Chuck full of useful information.

    ►Simply defined, the Monolithic Dome is a super-insulated, steel-reinforced concrete structure that can be designed for virtually any use: office or business complex; school; church, synagogue or temple; gymnasium or sports arena; theater or amphitheater; airplane hangar; factory; bulk storage facility; house or apartment complex; military installation, etc. Advantages of a Monolithic Dome fall into three general categories: Economy, Security, Aesthetics and Comfort. Economy in Construction - Generally, the construction cost of a Monolithic Dome is less than that of a conventional building of the same size with similar fittings and fixtures. A streamlined construction process and the use of only four major ingredients contribute significantly to the dome's economy. Those principal ingredients or materials are an Airform, polyurethane foam, rebar and concrete. An Airform is an inflatable fabric structure, made of PVC coated nylon or polyester fabrics. When inflated, the Airform determines the shape and size of the finished building, and it remains on the structure as its roof membrane. In the construction of a Monolithic Dome, a thickness of polyurethane foam is sprayed on the inside of an inflated Airform. Polyurethane foam is a superior insulator. When sprayed in place, it expands to thirty times its original size, sets in seconds and fills every nook and cranny, completely sealing a structure. This foam is virtually waterproof, forms its own vapor barrier and adds structural strength. Rebar is a steel rod with ridges that is used to strengthen concrete. In Monolithic Dome construction, rebar hangers that will hold the rebar are placed into the foam, following a pattern predetermined by the dome's size and shape. As in the construction of bridges, tunnels and roads, rebar reinforces the dome's concrete. Concrete used in the building of a Monolithic Dome is called "Shotcrete". It's a special mix of concrete that is spray-applied to a specific thickness, depending on the dome's size. Shotcrete covers the foam and embeds the rebar on the inside of the dome. The construction of a Monolithic Dome is not restricted by either time or most weather conditions, since majority of the work takes place inside the inflated Airform. Generally, construction can continue around-the-clock in rain or snow, eliminating costly work stoppages.◄
  7. Domes NorthwestDOMES NORTHWEST   This business seems to be connected somehow to the other dome business on this page named: Natural Spaces Domes. Maybe a franchise situation, but i will include them here for now.

    ►For over 20 years, we've been making and selling geodesic dome homes, the ones that Bucky Fuller invented, as pre-cut shell kit homes and geodesic dome framing kits. We also offer a geodesic dome connector hardware kit for the DIYer.
    Cool Amazon Search
    Our modern architectural dome house provides an extraordinarily energy efficient home with a comfortable and very attractive interior design. Some geodesic dome uses are here. Our domes have been engineered to withstand wind and snow loads anywhere from Greenland to Southern California and Alaska to Florida. You'll be happy to know that we have standard geodesic floor plans available FREE. If you prefer a more exclusive floor plan design for your site or your style of living, our design department will work with you to create the geodesic dome home of your dreams! Our domes can be contractor built, DIY or the best combination that can save you the most money. Our Super-Wal Connector system makes our domes builder friendly and you can be assured we will be working with you through all stages from planning to move-in. We're located in eastern Washington State and serve mostly the northwestern states. Look us over and ask questions . . . We're here to help you with your planning and building. We offer: Complete dome shell kits using the "Super-Wal system". Advanced design with ventilated wall/roof system. Support and assistance throughout dome construction. Building system specifically adapted to the 5 different climatic regions of the United States.◄
  8. Bump Dome Home A DOME HOME NAMED "BUMP"   This is a page taken from this ladies website which details the building of her small dome in the forest using commonly available materials found at any lumber yard or building supply. She built this dome on rented land in Central California i think near the coast.

    ►Bump was a dome, up for nine years. As shelter, it served as a place to live for two people for two years while I finished the stained glass dome Wholeo. Later, as a garden space, Amazon Outlet Deals the aluminum tube frame over-arched plants for another seven years. The picture above shows Bump seen from within the unfinished Wholeo. (See a larger photo). I planned, created, and lived with it. Only gradually I learned the significance of its form. The geometry has become the basic framework for imagining evolution of consciousness structures. As such, they underlie layouts for mindspace: For example, in the evolutionary stage and color healing. The Light Body book tells what I went through. Specifically, see the tube frame diagram. Why spin its story here under Trips/Imagine/RitualSpaces/lostNfound/EIE? Trips/Imagine - context, RitualSpace, journal - a spiritual approach to building, lostNfound, physical manifestation - the building as art sketch, physique, EIE, model of consciousness - the meaning of the geometry, & Photos. The Bump story fills gaps in my Art pages, between Staten Island and Monte Rio, from 1972-74. Track back (at the bottom of the page, under "Return in 1972") or forward in the Art/Glass section.◄
  9. The Miller Dome THE MILLER DOME   This is a nicely documented owner built airform type dome home. You will enjoy all the pictures showing the steps to completion of their dome home project. If you are interested in building your own Airform Dome Home, then please take a look at this neat home-made site. And even if you do not want to build your own - take a look anyway - it is interesting.

    ►Airform is where a person uses a very large inflated rubber balloon as a "form" on which to spray a coating which dries and hardens into a rigid shell. ►The house we chose was a pre-designed plan called the Gemini from the Monolithic Domes plan book. The basic shape is two slightly intersecting spheres for a shape that many people would describe as a figure eight. (Or, make your own joke.) The major dimensions of the house are sixty feet long at the long axis, 32 feet wide at the maximum width of both domes. The maximum interior height of each dome is thirteen feet. The interior square footage is about 1400 square feet. Although the house is not large, it features three bedrooms, two baths, and a large open kitchen/living area.◄
  10. Styrofoam Dome STYROFOAM DOME HOMES   These are beautiful pictures taken of styrofoam dome homes in Japan. This introduces an innovative way of home building which should be used more in the USA.

    ►These dome houses are made of special Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). The EPS used by Japanese dome builders (who must comply with the world's strictest building material and construction codes) contains an anti-oxidant to resist aging and emits NO formaldehyde. As to fire concerns, EPS will melt before it burns. As mentioned, the application of GigaCrete Inc's fire-rated, LEED ("green") certified exterior coating 'StuccoMax' and interior coating 'PlasterMax' renders the EPS structure entirely fireproof. Both coatings can attain compressive strengths well in excess of 10,000 pounds per square inch and will neither shrink nor crack. StuccoMax and PlasterMax are light immensely strong coatings that contain no Portland cement or any toxic substances. Their surfaces can be painted or, better yet, the pigment can be added to the mix before application. Whereas Portland-based stucco requires two or three coats, both StuccoMax and PlasterMax are one-coat products, either troweled or sprayed on. They stick to virtually anything including drywall.◄
  11. Energy Structures ENERGY STRUCTURES INC   Presenting a little different approach to building than the rest. Featuring "Super Insulated Domes".

    ►Energy Structures,Inc. designs,manufactures and markets Geodesic Dome kits for geodesic dome homes, garages, cabins, churches and commercial structures. Energy Structures, Inc. was the first dome company to design and manufacture the double-wall strut, known as the "Energy-Strut®" for super-insulated dome housing. Energy Structures, Inc. has been a leader in the low-cost energy efficient housing market since 1980.◄
  12. Ghostwood Dome Home GHOSTWOOD   This is another example of an owner built airform dome. As you probably remember "airform" is a building method in which an inflatable bladder is filled with air using a high volume air pump and shotcrete is applied to the surface and allowed to dry. When the shotcrete drys you deflate the air bladder which leaves you with a free standing shell which needs to be finished off.

    ►Ghostwood was designed to:
    1. Be comfortable.
    2. Require little maintenance
    3. Be reasonably affordable and
    4. Have a small environmental impact.

    We bought the land in March 1995, started construction in May 1996, completed the building envelope in October 1996, and moved in October 2001. I did all the design work and subcontracted the initial excavation, the foam insulation, the concrete flat work, and the shotcrete. Kaite and I did everything else, mostly on weekends. There are plenty of details left to work on, but the house is comfortable and the systems work well. Building Ghostwood was hard - harder than I thought it would be. I under-estimated the time and cost of nearly everything. But designing and building it has been the most challenging and rewarding thing I have ever done. I'm very glad I did it.◄
  13. i Dome House INTERNATIONAL DOME HOUSE   This company is based in Japan and features dome houses built using polystyrene. Good pictures of dome communities. "The building material for the Dome House is expanded polystyrene, "the fourth-generation building material" after wood, iron, and concrete.
    Having cleared the world's strictest building codes in Japan, the Dome House is approved by the Japanese Ministry of Land and Transport. The special expanded polystyrene challenges the prevailing wisdom. The Dome House is for Health Recuperation: Wrapping up the entire Dome House seamlessly with an antioxidant solution, the Dome House helps recuperate your health and enhance clean global environment. What are the effects of antioxidant solution?The antioxidant solution innovated biotechnologically solves asthma, rhinitis and other symptoms of "sick-house syndrome" and "chemical sensitivity syndrome", and catalyzes to suppress active oxygen which causes sickness or aging. As a result, the Dome House restores your health strength and you will less likely to fall ill.The Dome House has many other remarkable characteristics such as preserving food freshness, deodorizing and anti-pest (or preventing pests). The Dome House is certainly a feasible solution for environmental clean-up, even globally."
  14. Domebook DOMEBOOK   This is a website promoting a book about "How to Construct Cardboard Geodesic Play-Domes". The principles applied here are probably applicable to a much larger geodesic dome version. It is a nice website and has links to a blog which also has some good information, plus links to photo albums, the book for sale here, domes & background.

    ►We have been building cardboard and transparent plastic domes with our students for a number of years. It is the ultimate in hands-on geometry. We recently created a web site to show off their efforts and to advertise a book we wrote that codifies how we build the domes. The site highlights student-made domes and shows some of their creations. The students start by constructing paper models (viewers can download models of two different kinds of domes from the "Domes" page on the site), then construct full-size domes using cardboard or wooden dowels and plastic sheeting. Their online downloadable book "Domebook" - How to Construct Cardboard Geodesic Play-Domes is available for $19.95 USD. All the information you will need to construct nine different cardboard geodesic play-domes is contained in the 88 pages.◄
  15. KIBBUTZ LOTAN   This is a small community of about 150 people living in the desert in Israel who have been creating very beautiful dome type home using straw bale and EMT type tubing as framework. Lots of videos available showing their methods. Very interesting presentation and educational too.

    ►We, the members of Kibbutz Lotan, have chosen to establish here our home and future. Through our commitment to 'Am Yisrael, Torat Yisrael, and the State of Israel, we are working and learning together to create a community based on Reform Zionist Jewish values: We work towards creating a progressive expression of Jewish religion and culture in our rituals and our day-to-day life, through mitzvot in our relationships with one another and with God. 360mobileoffice OfferOur belief in equality is expressed through direct democracy, equality in the workplace, gender equality, and mutual responsibility. Together we are responsible for our livelihood and share out resources as an expression of our belief in the strength of communal action. We strive to fulfill the biblical ideal "to till the earth and preserve it", in our home, our region, the country, and the world. We are working to create ways to live in harmony with our desert environment. We aspire to meaningful relationships of openness, communication, and mutual respect with one another. We strive for economic independence, and aim to support ourselves in ways that are in keeping with our values. Our commitment to our home and community is expressed through cooperative action in work, education, culture, health, and day-to-day life. We work towards the betterment of ourselves, our people, and the world. Our home is a community of Shlihut, outreach. Our way of life constitutes a message we wish to impart to those who enter our gates and to the circles of society through which we pass. This declaration is a living document which requires of us ongoing involvement and action. Signed by the members of Kibbutz Lotan, Motzai Simhat Torah, 5758, 23 October, 1997.◄
  16. Earth Ball Dome EARTH BALL DOME   Introducing a new concept in dome building: The "Earth Ball Dome" a dome based on the principle of the soccer ball. Click on the link entitled: "New EARTH BALL Dome kits". This is a new dome kit under 20ft in size. Great for small dome cabins.

    ►The bases for the EARTH BALL is taken from the 3 frequency icosahedron. My idea was to simplify the construction of the 3V icosa by removing the inter triangles from the hexagons and pentagons. As the geodesic structures are very strong for large span structures their are just to many struts needed for the smaller structures under 20' in diameter. As our final structure resembles the soccer ball with the hexagons around the pentagons. As in any design, efficiency in the use of standard materials is of great importance. As most common sheathing materials are four feet wide and our hexagons have parallel sides, it was our goal to create a strut length that created a four foot wide hexagon from the center of each strut. The EARTH BALL structure can be built using many different material choices and is at a size that is useful for many different needs. Depending on the use of the structure different sizes of lumber can be used with ample strength. As in all our wood structures and as any carpenter would do is cut the compound angles where the three struts meet.◄
  17. Planetarium Dome WORLDWIDE TELESCOPE PLANETARIUM   Even though this page is about building a small dome structure for the use of a telescope, i am sure a clever person could modify this plan and make a very cool little cabin out of it.

    ►This document describes how to build a planetarium for use with WorldWide Telescope. The planetarium provides schools and other groups with a great way to visualize the panoramic view of the universe provided by WorldWide Telescope. Cigarettes My Man The planetarium described here is just under 12.5 feet in diameter, and just over 9 feet tall. So the first step is finding a suitable location for it! The materials used are not suitable for an outside location, so the location should be inside, level and dry. Alternative measurements are given for a smaller (9 feet diameter) and larger (16 feet diameter) planetarium, though all the images in this document are for the 12.5 feet model. Measurements are given in inches as this is the most used unit for packing materials and particleboard, which are the main construction materials used - 48 inch wide corrugated cardboard, and 48 inch wide particleboard paneling are both easy to come by. The Dome Specification Utility can be used if metric measurements are preferred. One of the most interesting features of the dome is that it is tilted at an angle of 20 degrees. This makes construction a little more complex, but the design gives a much better experience. The idea is that students will feel they are traveling in a space ship towards a planet such as Saturn, which would not be the case if the view was vertical. The tilt also gives room for a reasonable pair of doors, and room for the projector and mirror, without excessive height. The cost to this though is that constructing the dome support is as involved as constructing the dome (a geodesic half-dome to be precise) itself. Costs for materials vary, however a reasonable budget for the dome and support components is US $700.00 at 2009 prices.◄
  18. CGI Dome DOME LIVING MAGAZINE   This might be a good resource for those of you interested in researching your dome structure project. It appears to me that this publication is not being updated, but there is still some useful information available.

    ►As some of you might have noticed, this site is slowly being revamped and updated. Why? With the advent of higher energy prices, higher building material prices, and higher prices in general, the geodesic home using a third less material is garnering more interest then ever. This is the only magazine that is dedicated to the Geodesic home and I hope it fulfills the needs of all those who are interested. Here are the current plans of what I intend to have this magazine do. I will have links and articles to help make the most of your energy consumption, Cross Ink Penswhether you live in a dome or remodeling a hundred year old farmhouse. There is new technology coming from Europe where the cost of fuel is still twice the cost of ours and there is new technology being developed as we speak, all in an effort to allow us to live more comfortably using less energy. Speaking of Energy, there will be a section that will include solar and wind energy. I am very excited about the new technology of both. Being in the Pacific Northwest, where I live within spitting distance of the only rain forest in the Continental United States, the new vertical wind turbines are of real interest to me. As they spin, they present a solid wall which makes the birds stay away from them and not get hit by the spinning blades as the horizontal turbines do. We will cover these. Again, thank you for your time and continued interest in this website and I hope you are excited and will be pleased as we evolve.◄
  19. Monkey DomeCARDBOARD GEODESIC DOME   Interesting site giving lots of instructions on building cardboard domes big enough for human habitation or temporary use such as at Burning Man."A complete "How To" web site on building geodesic domes out of cardboard. We have made and used several of these at Burning Man. They were fantastic."

    ►This site was designed in response to people asking us how we made our domes and who were interested in making their own. The design was borrowed from a 1973 edition of Popular Science and was improved upon to meet the rigors of the Black Rock Desert, Nevada. These domes have served as an effective shelter against wind, extreme heat and, once painted, rainfall. The largest of the three domes in the picture opposite measures approximately 12ft-7in in diameter and is about 6ft-3in high at its center. We recommend building the largest one. All the measurements throughout this web site relate to the largest size. They are fairly inexpensive to build as recycled cardboard is the main component and, if water-based paint is used, can be burned. The domes are strong enough to attach decorative pieces and lighting components to the inside. Assembly time, on site, is 3 to 4 hours for 3 people constructing one dome with the appropriate tools. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about dome construction or the outline of this web site. If you do end up building one or more of these domes for the Playa, please let us know where we can find you. If you've found this site helpful, please consider giving a donation to help defray the costs of keeping it up. Thank you.◄
  20. BFI Dome Pic BUCKMINSTER FULLER INSTITUTE   This is an interesting site and relevant to the subject here. Visit this site for some of the latest technology in alternative building materials and techniques.

    ►The Buckminster Fuller Institute is dedicated to accelerating the development and deployment of solutions which radically advance human well being and the health of our planet's ecosystems. We aim to deeply influence the ascendants of a new generation of design-science pioneers who are leading the creation of an abundant and restorative world economy that benefits all humanity. Our programs combine unique insight into global trends and local needs with a comprehensive approach to design. We encourage participants to conceive and apply transformation strategies based on a crucial synthesis of whole systems thinking, Nature's fundamental principles, and an ethically driven worldview. By facilitating convergence across the disciplines of art, science, design and technology, our work extends the profoundly relevant legacy of R. Buckminster Fuller. In this way, we strive to catalyze the collective intelligence required to fully address the unprecedented challenges before us.◄
  21. Geo-Dome GEO-DOME   Even if you are not interested in buying one of their dome kits, there is still some good info to be had on this site. This business is located in the United Kingdom. "An experiment in low cost efficient construction and sustainable living."

    ►Invented by R.Buckminster fuller in the late 1940s geodesic domes are one of the most efficient structures known to man, often thought of as complex or expensive to build, here at Geo-dome we can show you just how simple, cost effective and efficient geodesic dome structures can be. With an expanding range of high quality great value kits your sure to find something that fits your needs. The baby of the range is the GD5, with a floor area of about 5 square meters this dome will fit in pretty much any garden, it can even be halved and used as a lean to greenhouse. Our mid range dome is the GD18 with a very useful floor area of around 18 square meters this dome makes a lovely spacious studio or garden room. The GD27 is the largest standard kit we make, with a floor area of 27 square meters and a diameter of 6m this dome has plenty of space and you shouldn't need planning permission. Kits are available in basic, part assembled or fully installed, we can also build kits to your requirements, Contact Paul for more info.◄
  22. Timberline TIMBERLINE GEODESIC DOMES   They sell prefabricated dome home packages. Very nice website.

    ►For more than 35 years, we've been dedicated to designing Timberline Geodesic Dome packages that make it easy, practical and affordable for people to construct their own homes. Timberline Geodesic Dome Homes use our unique and patented SteelStar connector system that assures you can construct your dome with precision and confidence, even if you've never built anything before. Our easy to follow illustrated Assembly Manual and pre-cut, pre-drilled color coded lumber virtually eliminate the possibility of confusion or mistakes. Timberline Geodesic Homes have been constructed in all 50 states and many foreign countries. Built in all types of climates, Timberline Geodesic Homes offer unmatched energy efficiency. Timberline Domes use 30% less surface area to enclose the same amount of volume as a box type structure. This means there is less area for heat to escape or outside air to penetrate. In addition, the spherical shape of a geodesic dome provides for natural and efficient interior air circulation. The natural aerodynamics of the dome means that cold air blows around the home instead of hitting a flat wall and penetrating to the inside. Our reputation has been built on quality products and service. We look forward to helping you turn your dream into reality.◄
  23. Small Intershelter INTERSHELTER   This appears to be a really hot item. This is probably the best design i have seen to date. Too cool to be shown here on my website.

    ►We produce and market the InterShelter™, a patented revolutionary portable shelter, made of a high-tech aerospace composite material, or cutting edge HD plastic that has bridged the gap from tents and trailers to traditionally built framed houses. Built to sustain hurricane strength winds or earthquakes and insulated to stay warm in extreme arctic sub-zero degree weather or cool in hot desert climates, these structures can be assembled in just a few hours by three untrained people. The pieces can fit in the back of a pick up truck, single helicopter sling, or a bush cargo plane and can be set up on almost any terrain. These shelters are not only ideal for research needs, quarantine shelters, and emergency relief situations - but will satisfy the needs of Homeland Security, the Military, Labor Housing, Homeless Communities and many more.◄
  24. The Horton Dome THE HORTON DOME   I think this is an example of a owner built dome home located in Westford, Vermont. On the website they mention being featured in the Mother Earth News. Included is much information for the person considering building their own dome home. The website is a little old, but the information is still good. By the picture you can see that it is a fairly large size project. This dome was built for use by a family. A single person or married couple with no children or with maybe one child could get by with something much smaller i'm sure.

    How did you ever do all this?

    ►I have asked myself this question a lot since we have completed the bulk of the work. The answer that finally came to me was this:

    First, create in your mind a picture of your home in it's completed form. A detailed picture that you can drive up to and walk around in your head; really "see it". Bring up this image every day, especially when the task seems enormous. Enjoy living in it.

    Second, take one step at a time, and relish in each accomplishment. One project will build on another, and before long, you will see that picture in your mind take shape and become real. Go for it!! The sense of pride and accomplishment you feel looking at your new home is tremendous.◄
  25. World SheltersWORLD SHELTERS   They produce at least two models called the U-Dome & the Q-Shelter. Pretty neat looking structures. Take a look at their website. They make a couple models for personal use which you can purchase online: The W-Domes and U-Domes can be equipped with solar power and composting toilets for off-grid shelter. 360mobile Shipping Containers They work well for storage, sheds, playhouses, gardening, Burningman at Black Rock City, and as shelter to live in. As a non-profit manufacturer, proceeds from sales support World Shelters' humanitarian work.

    ►We Make and Give Shelter. World Shelters designs, produces, and delivers structures for both emergency response and long-term humanitarian needs. Our shelters are low-cost, durable, flame-retardant, and designed for ease of assembly and transport. World Shelters values coordinated, collaborative efforts of individuals and organizations for rebuilding communities. Many of our neighbors on this small planet lack basic shelter due to natural disaster, war or economic conditions. When the struggle for survival is reduced, people can more effectively contribute to their local and our global communities. Giving shelter is an investment in civilization as well as an act of kindness and caring. World Shelters is a non-profit 501(c)(3) California based manufacturer and volunteer organization. Our innovative structures apply proven technologies to create temporary and transitional shelters for humanitarian relief. Our work is supported by private donations, sponsors, grants and purchases of our shelters.◄
  26. Natural Spaces Domes NATURAL SPACES DOMES   The dome home pictured on the right is located in Malibu, California. I very much so like the way the owners planned this layout. Windows all the way around. Makes for a very efficient use of outside viewing space available in a dome house.

    ►The Natural Spaces Domes Building System is the only dome building system specifically adapted to the 5 different climatic regions of the United States. We are long time members and supporters of EEBA, The Energy and Environmental Building Association. Their innovative, well-respected building guides are backed by years of research in four nations: Canada, Norway, Sweden and the United States. The guides were created by Building Science Corporation, applying lessons learned from the construction of the Arkansas House, The Saskatchewan Conservation House and hundreds of houses built for Canada's R-2000 program and the US Building America program. In our 30+ years of building dome structures, we have learned you shouldn't build the same structure in Minnesota as you would in Houston, Texas.◄
  27. Spherical Geodesic Structures SPHERICAL GEODESIC STRUCTURES   Lots of good information on this site about dome building in general. But they are advocates of steel and foam as frame material vs wood framing. They sell prefab dome kits. This site is very good with educational material or ideas. The picture i put up for them here does not do them justice. I like simple small structures and they can build much larger and more beautiful dome homes. They present some unique material.

    ►Over the past 30 years Spherical Geodesic Structures has been building spherical light gauge steel geodesic structures and spent the time to change the design and engineering of the geodesic dome structures to more user friendly construction methods. Light gauge steel has always been the superior building product over wood. With the continual rise in wood prices and poorer quality the use of light gauge steel has become feasible for use in the residential housing market. Spherical Geodesic Structures dome kits are designed and engineered using light gauge steel and rigid foam insulation. Superior products and design, is the Spherical Geodesic Structures standard. Check out their Spherical Fiberglas Building section, pretty neat.◄
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